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Thermax 6 Level Mini Strip for Chocolate Transportation

Sector: Food


Storage and transport temperatures for chocolate is extremely important as it can easily deteriorate with respect to both appearance and taste.


A leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturer needed a way of checking if the goods had been exposed to its melting point temperature, as this would cause the fat constituents of the chocolate to separate out and then solidify upon re-cooling, leaving the chocolate with a white/grey appearance.


A custom version of the 6 Level Mini Range 1 is used to monitor the temperature of the pallets on which the chocolate based products are carried within their warehouse. The indicator is applied to each pallet to ensure that the product is not exposed to temperatures higher than 29ºC. This process proves that the pallet has been correctly stored and handled from manufacture to despatch. The temperature check also ensures that the goods will arrive at their destination in first class condition.

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