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  • Thermax



    Thermax is a range of Labels and Strips that change colour permanently, indicating the maximum temperature achieved. Available with a wide range of temperatures and sizes.


    These irreversible labels can be used in numerous applications such as Food, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and Engineering.

    Irreversible Temperature Sensitive Labels

    Inexpensive and Easy to Use, Immediate Response, Permanent Record of Highest Temperature Reached, Oil, Water and Steam Resistant.

  • TDI



    Developed to withstand extreme conditions of industrial dishwashers, TDI Labels form part of HACCP procedures, giving a permanent record of sterilisation temperatures achieved.

    Dishwasher Temperature Label

    These water resistant, irreversible labels are easy to use and accurate to +/- 1C. Giving a permanent record of thermal disinfection temperatures achieved, they clearly indicate when correct temperatures are not being achieved for evidence of health and safety due diligence.

    Product Range

    Single Temperature Indicators are designed for regular and daily checks. Multi-Level temperature indicators are designed for a more in-depth check to prove what temperature level has been achieved.

  • Textiles



    A range of temperature test strips specifically developed for the Textile industry that will record permanently, the highest bracketed temperature reached by the label.

    Textile Indicators

    Highly accurate heat indicators designed for use within the textile bonding process. The individual temperature settings will permanently change colour to indicate the temperature achieved.

    Dry Applications

    Perfect for temperature testing when using a fusing machine, confirming the temperature at the bonding site and ensuring that garments finished or pressed when exposed to temperature do not overheat.

  • Low Temp

    Low Temp


    Our range of low temperature indicators provide a cost effective solution to identify temperature control issues during the transportation and storage of goods.


    Chillchecker Cold Storage Indicators provides confirmation that the temperature has not been exceeded. Easy to use, self adhesive indicators available at temperatures beween -17C to 20C


    Tempasure monitors your shipments by recording a critical low temperature of refrigerated temperature sensitive products in storage or transit. It works by permanently turning an indicating window from clear into bright red.