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  • Liquid Crystal

    Liquid Crystal


    Conventional Liquid Crystal range that offers and instant, accurate and easy to read indication of temperature, -30 to 100C.

    Reversible Temperature Measurement

    The labels are comprised of a series of liquid crystal formulations called events. Each event is precisely calibrated to show a green colour at the designated temperature, changing colour in sequence from tan to green to blue as the temperature increases. As a result, the only one event will be green at any one time, which indicates the temperature.

    Product Range

    Many applications are well established and include products sold into the following areas: Consumer - Forehead and Aquarium Thermometers, Baby and Nursery Products. Promotional - Advertising specialities. Medical and Laboratory - Skin temperature indicators and colour change labels for medical equipment. Industrial/Research and Testing - Colour Change Printing Inks, coatings and pigments, hot and cold warning labels.

  • Single Colour

    Single Colour


    NEW Easy Read Single Colour Technology. A new generation of UK manufactured temperature monitors, with continuous moving scale.

    Colour Change Thermometry

    A World first in reversible temperature sensitive materials that change colour at designated temperatures. Non-toxic, accurate, self-adhesive Easy Read Temperature Indicators.

    Custom Products

    All of these new Easy Read products can be custom made to any specification with temperatures between 0 and 100C