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  • Inks



    ThermoStar Temperature Sensitive Inks

    Colour Changing Effects

    Thermostar is a range of eye-catching temperature sensitive Thermochromic finished Inks. Thermostar is formulated with Chromazone pigments and utilises TMC's latest printing experiences. The ink colour on a printed item disappears as the temperature rises above the response temperature of the thermochromic ink and then it reverses back to its original colour as the temperature is reduced again (below the response temperature).

    The Range

    The Thermostar Ink Range includes: Conventional Sheetfed and UV offset Inks, Water Based and UV Flexo Inks and Water Based and UV Screen Inks. These Inks can be featured in a variety of applications including Labels, Packaging, Security Documents, Textiles, Toys and high end Promotional items.

  • Pigments



    ChromaZone Powder and Dispersion

    Colour Changing Effects

    Chromazone can be supplied in the form of a water based Dispersion for all aqueous formulations or a Powder form for all non aqueous formulations.

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    Chromazone can be successfully incorporated into many types of aqueous, non aqueous and UV curing formulations. Care must be taken to avoid the use of polar solvents such as alcohols, acestates etc., as these can damage the pigment structure. The Thermochromic effect achieved through the use of Chromazone pigmented inks and coatings, enhances the value to an endless variety of products and is a highly attractive eye-catcher.

  • Plastics



    Thermochromic Pigment for Plastics

    Colour Changing Effects

    Thermobatch is a range of temperature sensitive thermochromic monobatches which change from coloured to colourless as temperature rises. The colour reappears when the temperature is reduced again.

    Blending Effects

    Colour changing effects can be varied infinitely by blending Thermobatch with other translucent or opaque masterbatches. Thermobatch is supplied in concentrate form and is ideally suited for use in polyolefins.